Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What's your wedding photography style?

My photography style is a combination of many styles and this varies throughout the different parts of the wedding. I like to keep it clean and natural – infused with storytelling, fun and emotion. 

Do you edit the photos? How much editing is involved?

I always aim to get the perfect shots. However, some photos are edited to create the perfect balance of exposure, colour, tone, etc where necessary.

Where are you based? Are you open to travelling for my wedding?

I am based in Goa, India. 

I have travelled for previous wedding assignments, and would be happy to travel for your wedding too. Travel expenses would be over and above your selected package.

What are your wedding photography assignment times? How many hours a day will you shoot?

I usually don’t set time limits on the wedding day, just as long as it does not exceed 10 hours.  Additional charges may apply.

Do you shoot alone or do you have a team?

I always have a second photographer to assist and cover traditional parts of a wedding. Having a second shooter gives me the freedom and opportunity to get creative with my shots of the bridal couple.

Will you provide me with a full dump of all the photos taken from my wedding? I don’t mind if they aren’t processed, I just want to see the full dump of pictures taken during my wedding days.

Yes, of course! Within a minimum time frame of two weeks, all captures of the wedding day will be provided in JPG format for your happy viewing. 

How much does it cost to book your services?

There are different packages depending on the bridal couple is looking for. So, based on our initial conversation I can work out the numbers. My basic package starts at INR 50,000. I am happy to have a initial chat about your requirements. Book a call!

How long will it take for you to deliver our wedding photos? How long will the album take?

Once you’ve submitted your selection of images you’d like to include in your album, then editing, designing and printing of the album will be completed within 6-8 weeks from the date of submission.

How many wedding pictures do you typically provide per wedding?

I make sure that you have a wide selection of pictures to choose from. I typically provide about 400+ images that covers the full wedding day. 

I want pictures to post on social media a few days after my wedding, can that happen?

Absolutely. I will select 5 shots from the wedding day that you can share on social media. Just a request, it would be great to receive credits when posting – to show your appreciation. Thank you in advance!

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