Savio Barco is a Professional Photographer in Goa

the real picture

Intuitive Photography

The predominant driving force behind every photograph captured is paying attention to the feeling of the moment. The true essence of photography is when a client can look at the picture and can feel, taste, touch and smell all over again. Anyone can take pictures; but it takes courage and consciousness to be emotionally connected with the event and capture it. 

Savio Barco professional photographer

savio barco

i love to shoot

I cannot imagine a life without my family and camera. A few years ago, when I was a corporate executive, I never thought that volunteering to take pictures for a corporate event would steer me to becoming a photographer full time. There has been no turning back, and it’s been an adventure with every assignment. I take inspiration from International Photographers, attend their workshops when my schedule permits and also collaborate with more experienced Indian photographers on special shoots. I love drinking coffee, and would be happy to meet you over one to discuss your requirements.

Possess the perfect photo book of timeless storytelling.

Accepting bookings for 2020.